Coleman Dual Fuel Stoves Are Certainly The Ideal Pick

The Coleman Dual Fuel Camping Stove is a gas camping stove having 2 effective quality burners. The principal burner is 7,500 BTUs and the secondary burner is 6,500 BTUs.
The storage tank has a volume of 2.5 pints and will certainly burn for 2 hours with each of the burners on high.
Furthermore there is an unique system that guards the burners from the wind flow enabling them to function at full capacity and a top that remains open with or without having the windscreens affixed to the casing.
A pair of guards are adjustable for various cookware dimensions and two 10 inch pots may be accommodated on the sizable cooking area. A heavy duty nickel chrome grate is detachable especially for very easy cleaning.
To summarize the Coleman dual fuel camping stove is great for camping, picnicking, as well as even for emergency situations.
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Happy Camping!